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Looking for free basic dog training tips?  Look no further!  Below is our collection of our favorite dog training articles.

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Dog Training With A Head Collar
  The head collar has become an increasingly popular dog training tool in the past couple of years. Two of the most well known brands of head collar on the market are the Gentle Leader and the Halti, but there are many other brands that incorporate the basic head collar concept.
Training Your Dog To Stay
  A properly trained dog is a joy to be around for both the owner and anyone else you happen to come in contact with. Not only will it make for a better relationship but it can help save your pet from being hurt or worse, if he is able to be called to your side to avoid danger.
How To Train Your Dog In Five Easy Steps
  Dogs that are trained are less likely to jump up on people, and are less at risk of biting someone. Their manners are very calm in nature and don't get distracted in most environments.
Dog Training - Discover What Training Is The Best Way
  There are many different styles of dog training, and finding the one that works best for you is important for creating a dog that is a talented, loyal and faithful member of the family.
Dog House Training - How To House Train Your Dog
  The absolute first thing you must train your dog to do is is housebreaking No, no, you don’t teach your dog how to break into your house when you forget your keys. Housebreaking means he must learn where and when he may do his business.
Getting The Dog You Always Wanted
  Do you look on with envy as your neighbor jogs through the neighborhood, his faithful dog trotting happily and calmly by his side?
Dog Training: Pro Versus Self-Trained, Which is Best
  Now that you have your new pooch, you need to train him. Yes you do, don’t argue with me. He’s not a human. He doesn’t get to do whatever he wants to do. He can’t poop where he feels like pooping. He can’t chew up whatever he wants.

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